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Kody Funderburk

LHP, Minnesota Twins

"Jared has extensive knowledge when it comes to data/analytics in baseball and can help you utilize those numbers to push you in your career."

Mike Paredes

RHP, Minnesota Twins

"Jared is easily one of the best coaches I’ve had the privilege of working with during my career.” 

Pierson Ohl

RHP, Minnesota Twins

"Jared is responsible for an enormous amount of the success I’ve had as a professional baseball player."

How to Use Your Back Leg to Throw Harder

Jul 15, 2024

How to Create a Scouting Report with 3 Basic Stats

Jul 08, 2024

Ian Macdonald

Indiana Wesleyan University Head Coach

"High quality, thought provoking, direct, and actionable content. PCU is a tremendous resource for pitching coaches of all levels. Subscribing to The Monday Mound Visit was a no-brainer."

Nick Sanzeri

University of the Pacific Pitching Coach

"PCU is one of the best pitching accounts. They do a great job simplifying complex topics, making it easy to understand. All coaches can benefit from following them."

Will Hawks

St. Louis Cardinals MiLB Coach

“No matter how long you’ve been coaching or playing, Pitching Coach "U" gives you great insight on everything pitching. All the content is a must read. It’s easily applicable to any level.”

Pitching Coach "U"

The Monday Mound Visit

Teaching coaches and players how to develop the complete pitcher. Actionable advice delivered to your inbox every Monday.